What is Witchcraft?

Well I’m so glad you asked.

I’m not telling you.


Yes you heard that right.

I’m not telling you.

This is not a blog about what Witchcraft is.  Really, pick up a book and do something wonderful with it.  Read it.  Smell it.  There’s nothing quite like the smell of an old worn book.  The textural feel of the paper.  The weight of it in your hands.  The quality of the cover and the bindings.   The way you shift in your chair and sometimes struggle to find the most comfortable position to cosy to the thoughts of another human being.  The insights that you muse upon later, once the book is put away.  I’ll help you out a little with providing a Library (in the Codex Magicae section) but that’s as far as it goes.

If you’re really that curious, I suggest you find a  witch and ask him/her about it.  Spend some time with a real person.

Besides, I expect that you who are reading this blog are already familiar with the topic.  (Caught you didn’t I?)

Let’s be honest with each other, there are more than enough books, web pages, blogs, articles, chatgroups, pricey magic workshops, pagan conferences, academic roundtables, “community building” initiatives, and information on Witchcraft out there to bloat a Behemoth.   So no, you won’t find me providing any historical, academic, definitions of Witchcraft for the newly seeking aspirant or something for ‘those in the know’ to criticize with their own opinions of what the Craft is.  We all have our own perspectives and as I’ve mentioned, there are plenty of fabulous books out there…  I also won’t be providing an on-line teaching course, passing on any ‘how to become a witch knowledge, spell casting or discussion of private coven lineages or methodology.  Besides, Witchcraft genuinely can’t be learned in that way.  It’s an experiential path that opens the door of gnosis to the Ancient Ones guiding light.  A mysterious, secretive path reserved for those with the eyes to see, the ears to hear and the wit to understand.  You just can’t get it off of Wikipedia or ‘public domain’ Books of Shadows.  You’re either called to it or you’re not.  If you’re natural to it, and you’ve got the spark within you, every witch worth their salt knows that they’ll find it.  With love and trust for the Ancient Ones all witches find their way home at some point… and we know that there’s no place like it.

So no, you won’t hear wordy definitions from me.

We have more entertaining things to write about.  Stories to tell to make you laugh or cry.   Maybe some thoughtful writing regarding ethics. philosophy, social growth and limitations, psychology, historical witchcraft research, book reviews… and who knows?  I’ll post some images that amuse me.  There are plenty out there and I love artwork.  I find it revealing.  I’ll post some of my favorite videos.   I’ll certainly share with you adventuresome stories of real experiences and people.  Some of their names will have been changed to protect the innocent and, well, not so innocent.  Best of all… I’ll share with you some of the Manx folk tales as they were told to me, and some of my own even, with all their witchey embellishments.

I promise to keep poetry down to a minimum.  Only old, good, (IMHO) published poetry and historical fragments will go here.  I’ll refrain from such things as:

“The dark night of Elfame’s enchantments, rang through the soul like a mighty bell…. calling…. calling… calling…

Ere the Novice enter the Crimson Threefold Gate of Her High Nocticular Mysteries.  Bla de bla de bla…”

Let’s leave that kind of poetry to the realm of personal use.  Besides, it’s usually a vanity copy of the Witch Master Andrew D. Chumbley, and very few have come close to his depth of understanding and eloquence, though many have made the attempt.  I’ve  read enough tries of it online and nearly wet my besom laughing far too many times.  Honestly, some witches take themselves too seriously and have no concept that some poetry should be kept to one’s self and only shared with a close friend and confident…. someone you won’t be offended by when they make fun of you.  🙂

From one witch to another…

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