It’s coming… there’s a chill in the air.

In October something wonderful happens.  It starts with a wee chill.  Not enough to turn the heat on mind you, but enough to start your search for that warm cozy woolly fleece that’s been put away for months and a pair of slippers, and your warmer blankets.  The evening sky seem rustier now.  Rose and orange, yellows and deep purples.  There is a wind that whistles up out of nowhere to play tangle games in your hair and laugh in cascading shivers with the clinging leaves of the trees.  The forest is rustic reds,  gold and coppers and the fields have decayed to a soft pallet of pale yellows, browns and greens.  Sometimes I’m startled by the colours.  Yesterday the field surprised me with dazzling purples and feathery whites.

I tuck myself into bed.  The night wind is haunted by the crooning voices of geese singing their travels songs to the moon.

Death is coming.  Hallowe’en is coming.


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