Video: Gerald Gardner – Interviewed by Daniel Farson

This short retrospective clip captures Gerald Gardner interviewed at the Witches Mill in 1957 by Daniel Farson, an early television investigative reporter and public personality.  Titled “Out of Step”, the theme was “investigating people with odd views about life.  Were they just cranks?”

Gardner, Farson explains, is living in an abandoned Mill, with eerie relics.  For Those who might be interested in a little history, that eerie relic of the cross-legged demon (shown at 0.51) was made by Arnold Crowther.  He was a talented High Priest and Magus, magician, artist, puppeteer, musician, theatre actor and ventriloquist who was married to the lovely and talented High Priestess, Lady Patricia Crowther.

What I enjoy about the clip is the opportunity to see and hear Gerald Gardner.  There are very few captured moments like this and when I see his eyes light up, and hear his impish giggle explaining that witches dance in the traditional witches costume… their skin…    it brings a smile to my face.

The section with Gardner is short, sweet and at the beginning of the clip.  The rest of the clip from ‘Out of Step’ is spent with Daniel Farson interviewing a priest, Dr. Davies who clearly represents his view of the abnormality of nudism.  Later in Farson’s retrospective, he demonstrates how his contrasting, later interview titled “Keeping Step’ established that the conservative attitudes could be just as odd as the eccentric.

3 Responses to “Video: Gerald Gardner – Interviewed by Daniel Farson”

  1. Thank you for sharing this lovely gem from Craft history.

  2. I just discovered this (I was looking for instructions on how to make an acorn necklace, which was the subsequent post). Thank you for sharing — I didn’t know there was any video of Gardner! I’ll have to search YouTube for more.

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