5 Responses to “Odin”

  1. I don’t see any ‘wicked people’ either.

    • Well, I read a lot of history and currently BBC.

      • To speak of ‘wicked people’ is to point to something essential in the nature of a person that is wicked or evil. I don’t believe this to be the case. People often do wicked things. We would need to walk a mile in their shoes before we can judge why some people end up doing wicked things.

      • According to your own beliefs we were given the knowledge of ‘good and evil’ and therefore, would you not say that we possess rational judgement between the two? Certainly, even according to your own theology, a person is judged by their deeds as well as their conscience.

        Regarding ‘belief’, I do not point to the telos of the being; I only speak by moral and accountable observation. (Present and historical) Of course I don’t believe that anyone is innately ‘wicked’ and neither do I believe that we are innately ‘good’. We are born and we become.

        But to be honest… the post was to stimulate humour. I neither believe that Jesus got rid of wicked people nor that Odin got rid of Ice Giants. That it stimulates respectful philosophical dialogue is encouraging.

        All the best my friend.

      • I did get the humour in the poster. The problem with comments in text is that the ‘humour’ or ‘voice’ of the comment is not carried — I apologise if you read any defensiveness. You mustn’t, of course, prejudge what ‘my’ theology is. I am not an American Evangelical or fundamentalist Christian. I agree that people are not, by nature, wicked — though I would subscribe to the natural goodness of people. People get mixed up, angry and do wicked things. People are born into poverty and injustice and this breeds crime. It is a nice poster.

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