The Legend of the Witches

Here is the entire 1969 Malcolm Leigh documentary on British Witchcraft starring Alex and Maxine Sanders and their coven as well as some wonderful footage of the Museum of Witchcraft owned by that old Cunning Witch, Cecil Williamson.

Originally a highly controversial film that was rated XXX and appeared in more shady cinemas, it is tame by today’s standards.  However, Sanders’ revealing of Craft secrets, and more of the darker aspects of witchery such as animal sacrifice and Black Mass still raises controversy with many Witches today.

Hope you enjoy this little bit of history.

2 Responses to “The Legend of the Witches”

  1. I absolutely love this movie. However, Alex Sanders was known to be quite the showman. It is widely believed that the inclusion of this version of the Black Mass and the scene regarding animal sacrifice were made purely for shock value as they certainly have no place in the Wiccan religion today or even in Alex Sanders’ day. Wicca, the tradition and religion of modern witchcraft which Sanders practiced, has no interest in mock Catholic masses. It has it’s own rituals which are quite beautiful and meaningful and which stand on their own without a need to also perverse other religion’s rituals to somehow make theirs more valid. The notion that Wiccans celebrate a black mass is a silly one and was regrettably added here in this film to ruffle the feathers of the viewers of this movie and for no other reason. Simply put Wiccans do not celebrate a black mass nor do they sacrifice animals. On the other hand much of the other footage, especially of the coven in the circle and the movements therein, does have a factual basis in modern witchcraft especially that of the Wicca. In those scenes one does get a glimpse of the goings on conducted within the witches circle without the extra and useless shock value content. The narration of the Goddess and the God is also of value as is the artful way many of the scenes were filmed.

    • Alex was quite a character. You might enjoy the “Alex Sanders – King of the Witches – Memorial Group” on Facebook. Just a trip through the photo album by itself is entertaining.

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