Witchfather, A Life of Gerald Gardner

By Philip Heselton

Thoth Publications

ISBN# Volume One:   978-1-870450-80-5

ISBN# Volume Two:  978-1-870450-79-0

I’m very excited to finally have the print copies of Philip Heselton’s crowning achievement in my hands. The ebook has been available from Thoth Publications for a few months and I pre-ordered the print version at that time.

These volumes constitute the definitive history of the early modern Craft and Gerald Gardner’s involvement in it.

I had been given a tip-off that the author had uncovered new research and was able to name the names linking Gerald to the Traditional Witchcraft covines on the Isle of Mann and to document the connection between that interaction and the development of what was to become Gardnerian Wica. So of course that is where I started reading.

As demonstrated by his previous books, Wiccan Roots and, Gerald Gardner and the Cauldron of Inspiration, Mr Heselton is a consummate researcher. His exhaustive scope and detail of study combine with his conversational writing style to produce a fascinating and readable history of an admittedly obscure subject. Up front about his position as a Gardnerian initiate, Heselton nonetheless researches and writes honestly, refusing to be selective in his reporting, and not interpreting his data to lead to a particular conclusion. He leaves the reader to decide, based on all the facts available in the source materials.

His deepening research has unearthed much additional material for the new books, making them important additions to the subject of study, even for those who have read Wiccan Roots, and/or The Cauldron of Inspiration. In the event that you haven’t read the earlier books, know that these new volumes will stand on their own as a fascinating study of the most important era in the development of the modern Craft.

Read the Review Here

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