March Moons and the Vernal Equinox

The vernal equinox is when day and night are in perfect balance because the maiden Earth has turned her centre, toward the Sun.  This is the beginning of spring and is celebrated as a time not only of balance but of renewal and the rebirth of light, blossoms, green leaves, sweet scents and warm days to come.  Light conquers darkness as the days grow long.

It was an old belief that the March Moon had particular importance in the Isle of Mann.  It was told to me that the Moon Herself is Queen of Ellan Vannin as one of Mann’s earlier names was Mona’s Isle, the Isle of the Moon in Old English.  Mona is a feminine noun in Manx Gaelic and used as a girls name.  It was first recorded as Mona by Julias Caesar in 54 CE.  We don’t know if he was informed of the name or if he decided to name the Isle himself.

Either way, the moon and the sea have always been good company.

Ta eayst jesarn ‘sy Vayrnt dy-liooar ayns shiaght bleeantyn.

“A Saturday’s moon in March is enough in seven years.”

(Folklore of the Isle of Mann.  A.W.Moore, 1891)

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