Mill Museum: Lucky “Nine Peas in a Pod”

This small and unassuming item was once part of a display in the Witches Mill Museum on the Isle of Mann.  There were various displays of folk charms, curses and cures.

We  feel that it is important to publicly archive some of the items that we own because they are withering with time.  That said, there are also many people, who for various reasons, may be interested in these windows of Traditional Witchcraft history and specifically its relationship to Gerald Gardner.

The card is written by an unknown hand and states:

Lucky “Nine Peas in a Pod”,

Take out two peas and hide them on the mantel shelf, place pod with 7 over door and good luck will follow.  A long absent unexpected friend will arrive, or may have some unexpected money, or the first man who passes under the doorway will be your husband.

London: Aug 1918.

We hope you enjoy this small perspective of an item once displayed at the Witches Mill.

More to follow…

2 Responses to “Mill Museum: Lucky “Nine Peas in a Pod””

  1. This is lovely!
    The hand writing is not that of Cecil Williamson who started the Museum nor is it that of Gerald Gardner. I suspect it is from Edward Lovett the London folklore collector. We have been looking for links between Williamson and Lovett and this may be one. Could you please give me some more information about how you came by this and the other objects you own. museumwitchcraft@aol.comThanks very much ,
    Graham King
    The Museum of Witchcraft Boscastle

    • Graham, We have been considering contacting you recently. We’ll send you a private email in the next month or so. That said, we would be happy to document all of our items with you, along with some more private history and perhaps discuss donations to the museum in the future. Kind Regards, MW.

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