The Clagh-Array: a Watchstone

The Clagh-array is a heterotopic eye bestowed from nature and given to the witch as a magical gift from the Ancient Ones.  This never blinking vigilant sentinel is used for a multitude of purposes, the least of which is protection, warding and warning of the approach of danger.  It is sometimes placed in a window, on the pathway to the house, or on the outer lintel of the main door to the home.

It is not a seeing-stone per se however; one of its more interesting uses has been to place it in an area where a witch would like to keep vigil.  It therefore forms a third-eye link to a terrestrial area that the witch may not be able to physically inhabit.  Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall?  This is the means for the adept of vision.

The Clagh-array is highly sought after in Manx Traditional Craft and its power can’t be underestimated.  Greater than eyes of glass or beast or crafted by the hands of man.

A magical tool formed through hundreds of years by Nature Herself and Fate’s spinning webs that shaped the eye through rolling turns in sea and sand.  It is considered one of the most powerful vision stones to possess.

At the bottom right hand of this photo is a Clagh-Array placed in a window.


3 Responses to “The Clagh-Array: a Watchstone”

  1. Hiya howzit? I am Manx born with a solid female lineage which I will follow up one day! Anyway having answered the calling I have felt for a long time to return to my Island with hubby & little- uns in tow!! They to meet extended family on Island & for us all to experience & bask in the magical, beautiful energy she gives. I was on a mission to find the solid quartz burial cairn which is just up from the elbow (Across cockey”s (farmers) field) Found it!! Awesome !! Along with cashtal yn ard & other sites, we were privaledged to see little Rosie at castle rushen & literally blown away by it all!! Anyway I felt the need to bring some quartz & a few other beautiful stones back with me to oz as I am making a candle holder, 1 stone in particular drew me to pick up & I’m wondering if it is a clagh-array watch stone? Have taken photo but don’t know how to attach it!!! Maybe u could email me & I can attach from there? Many thanks I look forward to ure response 😉

    • Failt ort. It’s nice to meet you Allison. Sounds like you rekindled your love of Ellan Vannin on your last visit and She gave you a bit of Her old magic. The sites you mention are certainly very powerful and there’s plenty more! What a gift to see the Lady at Rushen. In all honesty, that castle has never been my favourite though I do love the clock. I prefer Peel with the red stones, cliffs to the sea, caves, mermaids and Moddey Dhoo. About your stone, basically, if you’re staring at the stone and it’s obviously staring right back at you, then you have found a Clagh-Array. Some people claim that it has an eeriness about it; as if it’s about to wink at ya. It is uncanny in that there is no mistaking that it is an ‘eye’, everyone who sees the stone, recognizes what it is. Some people are mistaken in believing that it is painted or sculpted in some manner. If it was in any way shaped by human hands, than it is not a true Watchstone. Hope that helps! Would love to see it.

      • Noirin rooney Says:

        Hi I ve just been over to beautiful élan vannin I grew up there but live in Ireland now.i was working with a group at the old tynwald with permission from Mannanan of course.couldnt believe how many primroses I saw the green world is bursting forth.i was walking on Ramsey beach and I think from ur description found a clash arrey stone I have a photo but can’t attach it.i thought someone had drawn on it a perfect eye shape kept rubbing it but no it’s not man made.has a strong otherworldly feel,.lv your posts am a student of the green world bright blessings noirin

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