Mill Museum: Postcard

Another piece from the archives.

Again, here is Gerald Gardner’s dreawing of the Witches Mill Museum in Castletown.  This time it’s not a pamphlet but made into a postcard and was another item sold in the shop to the tourists.

Honestly, this image gets a bit tiring because it was marketed so much.  I expect that Gardner was quite proud of it and his idea of secret messages hidden in the image for only those who had the Wica knowledge.  It’s quite easy to see the five pointed star in the stars surrounding the Witch.  Also the Supernal Triangle below the Moon.  There’s plenty more…

4 Responses to “Mill Museum: Postcard”

  1. I have heard many stories about Gardner in the Isle of Man, but have met with little evidence that he actually connected with any of the local traditions in any meaningful way. This caused a bit of schism with his local acolytes, but as these circles were so often concerned with personal and sexual aggrandisement, it is perhaps unsurprising that nothing good came of them.

    • There are both positive and negative assessments of Gerald Gardner. I’ve heard both sides from people who knew him well and worked magic with him. Of course, what they did was secret so unless you were initiated into the circle, you wouldn’t be privy to the rights or traditions they practiced. These are the same people who raised the money to erect Donna’s stone, who helped him in his horrible grief after she passed and took care of him while he was ill, which was quite often. They also took care of the museum, helped contribute to the displays and even sold their artwork, as well as helped in the restaurant. They grieved when he died and mainly avoided the bitchcraft after his passing. They didn’t think he was perfect and they both loved him and had some serious problems with him. You are certainly welcome to form an opinion based on those people you’ve met that say knew they him. My thoughts are less righteous and clearly more compassionate of the old man. Either way, he is an important figure in the history of witchcraft. The good that came of him is that witchcraft is now a large and growing pagan religion of diverse beliefs and practices that are reviving many of the old folk-traditions, cunning arts, charming and medical magic. Just to name a few… The door opened for a new perspective of witchcraft with Gardner and his books, Where it evolved from there is complex as it took on a life of its own through various practitioners and it’s growing still to this day. Perhaps we’ll meet one day for a coffee in Ramsey and discuss.

  2. You are very right to comment upon the enabling power of this man – the threads have to unravel before they’ll twist again!

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