regione vivorum

Thanks to you who have forborne the long silence.

Try as we might to enter the realm of the dead and hold onto our dear loved ones, we must in the end return to the land of the living.

The hard truth is that half of Manxwytch is dead, and it is by far the better half who has gone into the Sunless Lands. The rest of us will continue as best we can, and as our grief will allow.

It seems appropriate, in this season of Laa Luanys, to quote Michelet, as his character addresses the earth:

“…you give us back duly the grain that we have entrusted to you; but you never return that human harvest, the dead loved ones that we have lent you. Shall they not germinate too, our friends, our lovers, that we have planted there? If only for one hour, one instant, they might come back to us!

Ourselves too shall soon be of that terra incognita, wither they have already gone. But shall we see them again? Shall we be with them? Where are they? What is their life yonder? – They must indeed, my dear dead ones, be close captives not to vouchsafe even a sign! And what shall I do to make them hear?”


There is a great deal of unfinished and ongoing business to attend to, and this blog is part of that. Posts may not be as regular or often, but as often as resources and time allow, Manxwytch will live and grow. And who knows? Perhaps another manxwytch or two may be willing to contribute…

3 Responses to “regione vivorum”

  1. A few months before your loss, I had lost one of my dearest ones. One who had once traveled the skys with me to the land of the Manx. Your blog has been a salve to my own pain, and the news of your loss was a blow to me, as well. I’m so glad you are back…thanks for who you are, and what you do.
    Brightest blessings to all.

  2. Peace and Blessings, good to hear your voice 🙂

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