In Work

There are several projects which have been developing toward completion, including seed starting for this years magickal workings, a new visionary braggot experiment involving Amanita muscaria supplied by a Traditional Heathen in eastern Europe; a set of personal rune staves to supplant the first set I carved three decades ago; preparations to accomplish bronze casting at home for ritual tools; and the furtherance of long planned Saturnian explorations, (Chronos is not to be expected to accommodate our wishful timelines).

Inspiration and challenges to overcome in the reification of these things have consumed the days that have passed since the last Manxwytch post, and will do so for a some time to come. As has the arrival of several excellent books which demand to be read and impressions shared here.

More to follow.


One Response to “In Work”

  1. Hi Manx Wytch

    Excellent website. Just found it. Keep up the interesting articles. I have an interest in the Manx stuff especially. There doesn’t seem to be a huge amount on the internet regarding the Isle of Man in this field, but i have heard numerous fascinating verbal stories! I am sure you have too.

    All the best

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